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Exquisite Japanese Kiosk

Shefu-Denz, the Japanese Restaurant in Parañaque

Shefu Denz is a small Japanese Kiosk in which we enjoy hanging out.

At least twice or thrice a year, we see to it that we spend a little time together. Due to our busy schedules, everything needs to be planned accordingly. We usually do this during Summer or Christmas breaks. You are now wondering what this has anything to do with Shefu-Denz? I will tell you in a while.

During our “get together”, like regular mortals, we just do random stuffs that makes us happy. Visit places like lakes, resorts, and beaches, play computer and console games, lock ourselves in a room and try to escape within 40 mins (we are a very big fan of Breakout Manila, I am even planning in working there because of my obsession with that game), I don’t get why this is even called a “sleep over” since you don’t even get any sleep at all but we still do it, and play Chey and Ian’s collection of board and card games. This lead to Xin developing her own card game WEbdES. And of course, as what we most Filo enjoy a lot, FOOD. Or as what we everyone calls it, “food trip”.


During one of our food adventures, Ian and Chey introduced us to this tiny Japanese restaurant, or kiosk as what the owner would insist calling it, located in Paranaque. Let me introduce you to “Shefu-Denz”.

I am not a fan of Japanese restaurants, although I visited Tokyo Tokyo quite a few times. I’m very ignorant with Japanese cuisine. Karaage, ramen, and sushi are the common food I order because these are the only ones I know. I may have tried more than that, but again, ignorant here, so I don’t know.

Asari Miso Soup

I like seafood a lot, so I think it’s fair that I try their asari miso soup first. I am not going into details about how my taste buds exploded like in most anime with fireworks in the background because I am not a professional blogger nor a professional food taster so bear with me on how I butcher my this wonderful food with my odd vocabulary in describing it. I’d say, it was fantastic! The serving is enough to feed one hungry person but since it’s my first time, why not make the most of it. 

My first Shefu Denz order

As mentioned earlier, I always order karaage so I wanted to try their take on it plus my very first sashimi. This is the first raw salmon I have ever tasted and it was so satisfying. The karaage was so much better than Tokyo Tokyo, and the salmon, I kid you not, it does melt in your mouth. I wish I can explain better but I am so bad at my words. Just think of it as I am lost for words on how good it was [insert winky face here]. I remember spending 800 pesos for all these with the Dragon Roll as our dessert. 

Also, one good thing about the restaurant is that the food is prepared in front of you. Like, literally! I have seen these Japanese pubs when watching anime, and have always wanted to try. If we are on the same boat, then you should try going to their kiosk in Paranaque. 

You don’t need to spend too much to satisfy your cravings for Japanese food. We strongly recommend that you try their food. They are located in Matheus Bldg. 1000 Armstrong Avenue, Brgy. Moonwalk Parañaque 1709. You can also visit their Facebook page.

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