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Samrat Indian Cuisine

Yesterday, we went to Shibuya to get a SIM card. Turns out you really need a phone number here to do most of the dirty stuff like opening a bank account and having stuff delivered to your house. I’ll save that for another post though since it wasn’t really a go-to-the-store-and-buy-a-35-peso-SIM-card kind of experience. 😓

Anyways, we got hungry after all the running around and decided to look for a place to eat. I wanted to try the limited edition Tokyo and Osaka roast beef burgers from McDonald’s. But then I thought, meh, we can eat at McDonald’s anytime anyway so better find someplace new. 

After walking for a bit, we saw this Indian cuisine restaurant called Samrat on one side of the road. Adrian was craving for some Indian curry (it was his favorite type) so we went in to try some. The owner was Indian who spoke very little Nihongo which made it a little difficult to order. I noticed that the cook was Indian too and so were a few customers on the first floor.

Sorry! Was really hungry so we forgot to take proper pictures first.
Sorry! Was really hungry so we forgot to take proper pictures first. LOL

After he took our orders, we went upstairs to look for an open table. The place was small – maybe just 4 sets of tables and chairs. We seated ourselves in the middle table and waited for our food to arrive. Our orders arrived 5 minutes later. We ordered naan with our curry since it goes really well together. You can refill the naan as many times as you like, or switch it up and order for rice instead. How awesome is that? 😎

Adrian ordered the mushroom and spinach curry, and the ika ebi (squid and shrimp) curry. I wasn’t really craving for spicy curry so I got the butter chicken curry which was sweeter. When our orders arrived, we were surprised at how HUGE the naan was. As you can see in the picture, the naan is covering the entire surface of the place, and that was after we already ate maybe 1/4 of it. 😂

The curry tasted really good! The butter chicken curry was sweet and it tasted kind of like stew which I like. The mushroom and spinach curry was a little spicy and has the consistency similar to hummus. The ika ebi curry tasted a little sweet and a bit spicy and tasted of seafood. It was a really good combination of flavors and it was fun rotating through each one. Oh, we also ordered lassi but I forgot to take a picture of it because, you know, the hunger was stronk. 😅

Looks messy. Tastes great!
Looks messy. Tastes great!

While we were eating, there was a group of college-looking teenagers who sat at the table in front of us. They we’]re the type of loud, rowdy young’uns much like, let’s say, Junpei or Ryuji from the Persona series. They wore loose, hip clothing and caps, and also talked and laughed really obnoxiously. But to our surprise, they talked really respectfully to the Indian owner. They couldn’t understand his broken Nihongo that much but they were very patient in trying to. They taught him the Nihongo for the word “broken” (壊れた, kowareta) since the shop needed their aircon to be fixed and didn’t know the right word for it. Heck, they even said “thank you” to the owner in what I presume is Indian language!

All in all, it was a pleasant dinner and we hope to discover more restaurants like that in the future. And it’s also fun just people watching, really.

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