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Kirin Afternoon Lemon Tea

We decided to do a lot of walking today since we won’t be starting work until tomorrow. We went to a Nitori in Meguro to do a little window shopping as we need furniture and other necessities for the house. Sadly, we couldn’t buy anything yet for a while. Our payday is not until the end of the month and we only have enough for food and not much else. 😭 The walk from our house in Gakugeidaigaku to Meguro took us about 30 minutes or so.

After that, we walked to another Nitori branch in Naka-Meguro which took us about another 25-30 minutes. More luck there, as that branch was bigger and therefore had more selection. I might make a separate post about Nitori so please watch out for that.

We were about to go home since it was late and we were getting a little tired and hungry already. But since there was a nearby Don Quijote, we decided to stop by there first to get snacks and stuff like dish washing liquid and body soap. It’s really surprising how we take important things like these for granted when we’re still living in our parents’ house. LOL 😂

Two bottles of lemony goodness

We bought kitchen essentials, food for breakfast tomorrow, some snacks, and two big bottles of Kirin Afternoon Lemon Tea. I don’t know why they call it “afternoon” tea, as Adrian and I can drink this stuff all day! 😆 It tastes like lemon with a hint of honey. It’s not very sweet and still tastes a little bit bitter so you know it has real tea in it. Not like all those overly sweet drinks we get back home that just screams of sugar. We like it so much that we endearingly call it “My Favorite”. We also went to all the convenience stores within our nearby vicinity just to buy some, but they were out of stock. Though it’s good to know that we can get it from a Donki 2 stations away if we need our tea fix. It’s good exercise, too!

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