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Buying bottled water in Japan

Water is another thing I don’t particularly think about back in the Philippines. We have a lot of refilling stations there that sell drinking water by the gallons. Since we have a water dispenser culture, it is easy to get cold water, and hot water for coffee and instant noodles and such. It is also normal for companies to have dispensers somewhere in the office. What I’m saying is, I didn’t have to worry about drinking water back home since it’s always readily available.┬á

Here in Japan, Adrian and I always opt to buy bottled water for drinking. As you can see on our Kirin Afternoon Lemon Tea post, we always try to get drinks in bigger bottles. It’s because they’re either the same price or just a few yen more expensive than the smaller bottles. Sometimes they’re even cheaper! For example, a 500ml bottled water costs around 100 yen while you can purchase 2-liter ones for just around 80 yen!

We seem to get a different brand each day. LOL
We seem to get a different brand each day. LOL

“Why would I buy the smaller one, then?! That’s just crazy and illogical! ­čśí”,┬áyou say. But they have a reason behind it. It’s because there is a huge market for people who want/need to carry portable versions of their favorite drink. Who wants to lug around a huge, heavy bottle of Diet Coke while climbing up a mountain anyway when you can just buy a regular bottle at the vending machine when you reach the summit? It makes sense to them to charge more for the smaller bottles due to their convenience and portability.

Though I have read that drinking tap water in Japan is completely safe, I want to do more research on that first before trying it. I’m kinda scared since I’m not used to drinking tap water in the Philippines. Don’t wanna risk having an upset stomach and skipping work.

For now, we buy water everyday at a convenience store before work and we just ordered a case of 2-liter ones from Amazon for the house. We now have piles of empty 2 liter bottles of water, sports drinks, and tea everywhere.┬á­čśé

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