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JAパン #1: Pasco Tappuri Whip Anpan

I love Japanese bread! Though I rarely eat bread when I was back in the Philippines since I don’t really like the taste. It’s like eating rice by itself. It’s bland and boring. But whenever I enter a grocery or convenience store here in Japan, I always get the urge to buy bread. They’re sooooo good!

Which is why I decided to make a mini-series on them! We’re going to call it the JAパン (JA-pan) series! …ADRIAN MADE ME DO IT! BLAME HIM! Err… anyways, here is our first post for this series:

We have been rotating between convenience store food, instant noodles, and the occasional hot meal from the bento store for a while now. Can’t really afford to buy anything more expensive and substantial due to shortage of the financial kind. 😭 I just try to think to myself that other Filipino workers abroad have it a lot worse than me (which is true) and somehow I manage with our limited food choices. You get dramatic like that when you’re hungry.

Look at the amount of cream in the middle of that bread!
Look at the amount of cream in the middle! Mmmmm…

But yesterday, while Adrian and I were buying water from the nearby Tokyu Store, we passed by the bread section and I just couldn’t help myself. I asked Adrian if I could buy one bread, and Adrian being the enabler that he is, quickly gave the okay signal. 😂

I couldn’t buy any dessert since we got here so I was craving for something sweet. In Japan, you can trust that what you see in the food pictures will be the same as the actual food that you’re getting, so I got this bread immediately when I saw the picture on the wrapper since I really like whipped cream. It also has red bean paste inside which is the perfect partner to whipped cream. Contrary to how it looks, it’s not too sweet and it has just the right amount of beans and bread. I liked this and I will definitely repurchase this when I get a craving for sweet bread again.

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